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Travel4Real is a family run tour operator specialising in small group tours around Europe. We love our work, designing amazing trips for our clients and, most of all, Travel!

Why Us

We focus on just a few select destinations to ensure the highest quality standards.

Each trip is personal and handled one-on-one with a travel expert throughout the planning process and during the trip.

Complementary airfare research and pricing for our customers insures they are getting the best route at a reasonable cost.

The Travel4Real Story

Travel4Real was born in 1995 out of a pure passion for excellent travel experiences. Our passion grew into a successful small business that sends people like you to destinations around the world.

Unlike many travel companies we don’t offer every location under the sun; but just a few select places in Western Europe so that our quality, services and attention to detail is consistent, and reliable every time.

Our customers seek personal attention to detail and an extensive knowledge of a destination. Each customer works one-on-one with a travel expert from the beginning, during the planning process, while and while they are traveling to ensure your trip is the best and most enjoyable it can be.

Travel4Real’s destinations include Italy, France, Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain to name a few.

We specialize in multi-country trips that involve two or more countries in one trip. This type of trip takes excellent organization and attention to detail to go smoothly.

Our services include hand selected accommodations, boutique hotels, farm stays (Agriturismos), apartment rental, private and group sightseeing excursions, cooking classes, private airport and station transfers, exotic car tours, supercar rentals, family ancestry trips, honeymoons and custom small group tours for your own group.

Travel4Real’s customers come from all walks of life and we have served customers from 20 to 90 years old, large family trips, small group trips and special occasions and our focus is on our customers experience and enjoyment.

Travel4Real recommends planning your trip at least 6-8 months before departure to insure the choice and availability of the highest quality of services and accommodations.

We offer our clients complementary airfare research and pricing services to insure purchasing your airfare is a stress-free process.

Many of our trips include local assistance during your trip so that you have a local contact for any assistance or questions you may have during your trip, not just a phone number across the world like many of our competition.

Travel4Real is a small family run business since 1995 and we want to stay that way. Large impersonal companies not only treat you like a number but recently they have collapsed under their own weight causing them to go out of business because they were so big. By staying small and focusing on the highest quality and attention to detail; Travel4Real has consistently served its customers throughout the years.


Meet The Team

Deborah de Maio - ‘The Mom’

Deborah who grew up in Italy wants to make sure that her customers get that deeper cultural experience that only personalized travel can provide.

Deborah loves to get to know her clients on a personal level, so she can choose the perfect elements of a trip that will fulfill each and every desire her clients have. She is a great listener and has an endless knowledge base of the places she loves.  Deborah is a great cook and enjoys a snuggling up for a glass of wine and a great movie.

Rem Malloy - ‘The Son’

Rem has always had guiding and trip planning in his blood. His father taught him how to perfectly pack a car for the family’s road trips and he began traveling solo before he was 15 years old.  We don’t offer anything we don’t know,” said Malloy, who leads small group tours through Italy, World War II history tours of the Normandy landing beaches in France and follow the leader driving tours featuring the world’s fastest cars.

“I’ve got to put my foot on the ground and walk through the door before I will offer it.”

That local knowledge is important to offering a deeper experience, Malloy said. He specializes in developing a highly detailed plan for is clients; so they understand every step of their experience. Rem is a car enthusiast, photographer and fantastic dad and husband.

We also have a great team behind us that includes bookkeepers, support staff, local staff in Europe, all who love to come to work each day and be a part of our special company.

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